Asterisk Voice Changer

This program is a voice changer module for Asterisk. This allows you to change the pitch of your voice in real time when placing phone calls. Contrary to the claims of for-profit service providers using this software, it is not intended to change the gender of your voice as no formant adjustments are implemented. It does however do an excellent job of making you sound really creepy on the phone and oftentimes unrecognizable. Furthermore this software is not intended to offer enhance your privacy or anonymity as pitch shifting may be easily reversed.

exten => 666,1,Set(CALLERID(all)=${ALICE})
exten => 666,2,VoiceChanger(-5.0)
exten => 666,3,Dial(SIP/voip-company/${BOB}|30|g)
exten => 666,4,StopVoiceChanger() ; not required



Getting Started


Here are the requirements for the latest release. They are easy to install if you're running Debian or Ubuntu:


Once you've installed the software listed above, run these commands:

make install
asterisk -rx 'module load app_voicechanger.so'
asterisk -rx 'core show application VoiceChanger'


Here's an example of what you might add to your Asterisk dialplan (/etc/asterisk/extensions.conf):

; scary monster voice
exten => 9000,1,VoiceChanger(-5.0)
exten => 9000,2,Dial(sip/lolcat@example.com)
exten => 9000,3,StopVoiceChanger() ; not required

; chipmunk voice
exten => 9001,1,VoiceChanger(5.0)
exten => 9001,2,Dial(sip/lolcat@example.com)
exten => 9001,3,StopVoiceChanger() ; not required