Fabulous is a Python library designed to make the output of terminal applications look fabulous. Fabulous allows you to print colors, images, and stylized text to the console (without curses.) Fabulous also offers features to improve the usability of Python's standard logging system.


To install fabulous, run this command:

sudo apt-get install gcc python-imaging python-setuptools
sudo easy_install -U fabulous

Alternatively you may download it here:



Seeing is believing. The screenshot below shows the output of the demo module:

python -m fabulous.demo

If you're really brave, you can try the rotating cube demo:

python -m fabulous.rotating_cube

You can increase the resolution of images by making the terminal text really tiny:

python -m fabulous.image obama.jpg

Lorem Gotham

Sometimes you need random verbiage to fill space. Fabulous provides a more interesting alternative to Lorem Ipsum lol:

jart@compy:~$ python -m fabulous.gotham

               a deep unholy earth

darker than the a petty agony,
in the death my love shall hang my head
the ghastly condemned and the damned taunt
the dark condemned and the stroke of death follow

no one cares why the condemned flee
oh my eyes! the love!
they sever my head and fall limply with all my madness
sicklier than shadows in swirling dust

in the purgatory my love shall tremble
no one cares why the angels cry out
angrier than corpses in broken ground
oh my essence! the agony!

no one cares why the shadows scour
the frozen damned and the mourners loom
no one cares why the memories beg forgiveness
the dead angels and the angels hover close