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Lobster Technologies is a personal blog dedicated to the publication of original open source software (generally pertaining to telecommunications) as well as other forms of free technical information and research.


LobsterBlog ()

LobsterBlog is a command line tool meant to simplify the process of writing technical articles in HTML5. LobsterBlog functions similar to a compiler, taking care of tedious tasks (graphs, LaTeX, etc.) by transforming well-defined content (and source code files) into highly accessible, beautful web pages you'll feel proud to publish online.

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Tokyo Tyrant Protocol Vulnerability ()

A remotely exploitable security flaw was discovered for Tokyo Tyrant (a distributed, persistent key/value store database.) Tokyo Tyrant client connections are vulnerable to command-injection when values exceed 32 kilobytes in size, putting at risk any application or website that uses Tokyo Tyrant to store network data. For example, someone could leave a comment on your blog that steals all your data, modifies database content, ejects your server's CDROM drive, and then proceed to destroy all the data and the server itself.

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Asterisk Voice Changer ()

This program is a voice changer module for Asterisk. This allows you to change the pitch of your voice in real time when placing phone calls. Contrary to the claims of for-profit service providers using this software, it is not intended to change the gender of your voice as no formant adjustments are implemented. It does however do an excellent job of making you sound really creepy on the phone and oftentimes unrecognizable. Furthermore this software is not intended to offer enhance your privacy or anonymity as pitch shifting may be easily reversed.

exten => 666,1,Set(CALLERID(all)=${ALICE})
exten => 666,2,VoiceChanger(-5.0)
exten => 666,3,Dial(SIP/voip-company/${BOB}|30|g)
exten => 666,4,StopVoiceChanger() ; not required

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Fabulous ()

Fabulous is a Python library designed to make the output of terminal applications look fabulous. Fabulous allows you to print colors, images, and stylized text to the console (without curses.) Fabulous also offers features to improve the usability of Python's standard logging system.

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Making Sense of Python Unicode ()

There are many Unicode tutorials available for Python, but few offer an understanding of how Unicode works or how it's applied in the real world. This tutorial will teach you what you need to know about Unicode by example, as succinctly as possible.

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